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The network monitoring service use both WMI and ADSI.
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Opentor Monitor Feature

  • Monitor users, groups and other Active Directory information
    Opentor Monitor an extensive set of default monitoring functions to monitor Active Directory information, for example monitor group membership of administrative groups. In particular it can check user accounts (locked out, disabled, etc.), computer accounts, groups, group membership and organizational units.

  • Monitor local and remote event logs
    Opentor Monitor can scan Windows event logs on local or remote computers and look for specific event sources, categories, event IDs and patterns in the description of the event. In addition, it can re-organize multiple events, by multiple servers in a single interface.

  • Monitor processes and services performance
    Opentor Monitor enables you to check critical processes and services on local and remote computers. You can also monitor the CPU usage per-single-process of a machine, in this way, you can ensure that virtually any application is running properly.

  • Performs specific task to ensure that a service is running
    Opentor has developed specialized checks to verify that services offered by various server are running, for example, for the web server, it perform an HTTP GET operation to verify not only the server availability, but the service also. Through the active use of such services one can guarantee that all aspects of these servers are running and functioning.

  • Server monitor functions
    CPU usage function – Ensure that a processor’s usage does not go beyond a certain level
    Network Performance counter – Monitor any internal operating system network counter
    Hardware failure function – Monitor the status of enabled/disabled peripheral
    Directory size function – Ensure that a particular directory (for example, a user’s home directory) does not take up more than x amount of drive space (BETA)
    Disk drive function – Monitor the physical status of the disk
    Disk space function – Check if sufficient disk space is available
    Share existence function – Monitor the existence of a particular share

  • Network service functions (BETA)
    HTTP function – Checks availability of HTTP and HTTPS sites; passes credentials if required
    Website content checking – Checks website content by specifying a text pattern
    FTP function – Checks availability of an FTP server/site
    ICMP ping function – Checks a remote host for availability
    DNS server function – Checks DNS server by reading an 'A' record and verifying the result
    SMTP server function – Checks mail server by establishing a connection and handshaking to verify SMTP protocol is working correctly
    POP3 server function – Checks POP3 servers by establishing a connection and handshaking

  • Monitor Linux servers (BETA)
    Opentor Monitor main includes external modules that perform extensive checks for monitoring Linux servers. You can monitor CPU usage, printer availability, file existence, process running, folder size, file size, users and groups membership, disk partition check and disk space. In addition, administrators can create any check by creating an SSH script.

  • Custom application and server monitoring using freely added plug-in
    Opentor Monitor support the function of adding your own custom checks by writing a customized module plug-in using VBScript (Windows) or an SSH shell script (Linux) to monitor third-party application or server.

Alert Notification and management interface

  • View network and servers status from anywhere in the world You can check rule status from any location using Opentor Monitor's remote web monitor. For security purpose it support both HTTP and HTTPS connections natively.

  • Alert notification via email or SMS When it detects a failure, opentor Monitor can send alerts via SMS, email or a network message. SMS (text) messages may be sent through a third party email-to-SMS gateway. All notifications can be customized using variables. Recipients can be configured globally for all rules.

  • System requirements Windows 2000 (SP4 or higher), 2003 or XP Pro operating systems. Windows Script Host 5.5 or higher (included in Internet Explorer 6 and in Service Pack 2 of Internet Explorer 5.5; you can download it separately from

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