opentor software is an agentless monitoring and alerting
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Software Overview

Opentor Monitor is a server monitoring software that reduce the complexity associated with managing the IT infrastructure environment, lowering the cost of operations and improve the efficiency of IT operations. The software monitor optimize the process for determining the cause of the problem and facilitates a more quickly resolution to restore services and to prevent potential IT problems. In this way the IT staff can spend less time managing crises and more time delivering new services. opentor Monitor consists of a network monitoring service and a separate management interface. The network monitoring service use both WMI and ADSI. WMI is an interface to a broad range of hardware and software properties of a computer, allowing you to perform every check without using remote agent. Consequently no agent software needs to be installed on the machines you wish to monitor. The management interface rely on the powerful XML Technology. The software engine is multi-threaded and can perform multiple checks at a time. This software architecture allows scalability to monitor both small and medium class networks. The State View provides a real-time look at the health of the computers within the managed environment, highlighting the systems that require attention, and the Alerts View provides a list of issues requiring action.

Product Positioning

opentor Monitor is a comprehensive suite of network and server monitoring and analysis tools. It is the solution for those that are interested in centralizing their monitoring needs in a single program and obtain a consolidated view of overall system state and activity. The main features are:

  • Simply, time-saving and no invasive installation
  • Simply and time-saving configuration
  • Simply, time-saving and safely upgrade
  • Simply maintenance
  • Technologically advanced (by WMI and XML technology)
  • Development roadmap open to the future
  • Sized on IT infrastructure environment needs
  • Sized on client financial capabilities

Opentor Monitor is primarily targeted to the IT staff that are looking for a simple, compact and ready-to-use software, without thousand of no needed tools and options. Usually the monitoring software are time-expensive to configure, so that IT staff wish to spend less time configuring and implementing a complicated software architecture and more time delivering services. opentor Monitor product is going to provide anything even close to the level of coverage that high grade monitoring software like Microsoft MOM or HP Openview does, but without thousand of accessories and tools needed into an enterprise-class network, but superfluous into small and medium-class enviroment. Other benefit consist in a fast and “not invasive” installation. During software installation no dll library are registered and no system-files are modified. The software rely on an interpreted language, in opposite with compiled software. This feature provide an absolutely non-invasive presence on the monitoring server, so the IT staff can utilize a pre-existing server providing other sensitive services, like a domain controller, without worries about installation impact. Upon this feature, the software provide an easy and “without worries” road to future upgrades. Finally opentor Monitor performs the analysis like other monitoring software suite, but no agent software needs to be installed on the machines you wish to monitor. This software was designed to take advantage of the powerful and flexible architecture provided by the WMI Interface, that permit to retrieve any information by remote system in a fast and secure way.

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